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Are you or your teenager looking to bone up on a subject? I can help! From my experience in being a successful student and a professor, I learned that sometimes hours of frustration can be cleared up in just a few minutes by talking with someone who just "gets it" and can put things a different way.

<<5 Reasons Why I Can Help>>
-I am under 30. I can communicate in a way that keeps things interesting and funny.
-I have a Master's from University of Pennsylvania in Education and Psychology. I understand the things you need to know.
- I've taught as a professor at major universities (Drexel, Temple). (My 8am class students never once fell asleep, and I was rated the "Best class ever." Enough said.)
- My GRE scores were competitive in Ivy League standards. (*Many tutors advertise for Math, but often the weaker scores are actually in Verbal. I placed in the top 96% Verbal scores in the country.)
-I have experience working with learning "disabilities" and folks from different backgrounds. I can help you discover your unique learning style and find a ways that you not only "get" the material, but can remember and apply it.

<<4 Reasons Why You Should Contact Me NOW>>
-Successful students almost always get help. Seriously. Those who obtain top scores often simply had extra tutoring or supplementary practice, which placed them at an advantage over those who didn't.
-Flexible schedule. This may change closer to popular exam seasons. (Sorry, I'm a popular guy!)
-Save time and money. Don't beat your head on the desk in frustration. Don't spend thousands of dollars on a study course where you will only be 1 out of 20 in a class. Get personal attention. We can get straight to the point, focus on you, and save you a ton of money.
-You have nothing to loose but time and frustration! Book a session today.

Location New York, NY
Subjects SAT Reading, GRE, SAT Math, SAT Writing, ACT Math, ACT English, ACT Reading, GMAT
University of Pennsylvania M.S. Psychology

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