Lucia M.

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I tutor both privately and through a firm while attending University of California, Santa Barbara. I am going into my last year as a Math major and Technological Management minor, and as a tutor, try to share my admiration for the subject as well as the Sciences and Languages. At UCSB I serve as the publicity chair for the Entrepreneur's Association and am a member of UCSB Women in Math.

I encourage creativity in the technical subjects that are usually treated as black and white. In teaching my students to look at their work from different angles and possible problem-solving techniques, I hope to help them to create a highly effective approach to any problem they come across. Further, in teaching my students various ways to look at problems, I help them to find the approach that makes the most sense to them, as I feel that every student requires a unique learning experience.

Location Santa Barbara, CA
Subjects PreĀ­Algebra, Statistics, Algebra, PreĀ­Calculus, Calculus, Differential Equations, Statistics, Probability, Trigonometry, Geometry, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Spanish, Economics, Marketing

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