Jeffrey P.

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Mathematics is my bread and butter and I want to help you! I see mathematics as a world carefully tucked in the dustiest corners of our minds just waiting to be discovered, and I want everybody to know about it.

About me:
I'm a professional mathematics tutor for college and high school students. With two years of solid experience in tutoring, I've been providing matchless services in three cities, Seattle, Austin, and the San Fernando Valley. Tutoring is my full-time job and livelihood; I do it because I have a passion for helping people and have a calling to teach college mathematics.

Subjects of math that I tutor:
•AP Calculus AB/BC
•Calculus I-III (my favorite!)
•Linear Algebra
•Differential Equations
•Vector Calculus
•Math Assessment/Placement Test

•SAT Reasoning Test Math
•SAT Subject Test Mathematics Level 1
•SAT Subject Test Mathematics Level 2
•PSAT Practice
•ACT Compass Math Test
•SSAT Middle Level for Quantitative Section
•SSAT Upper Level for Quantitative Section
•GED (General Equivalency Diploma)

I am superb at what I do because I have made all the mathematical mistakes you have made and probably more. Coaching high school wrestling has given me the ability to recognize strengths and weaknesses in order to push one's mental capacity to improve one's mathematical intuition and help make sense of the subject matter.

I will mold the curriculum to your specific personality and learning style. I love breaking down the concepts that seem challenging. After all, the fun stuff in mathematics happens when they challenging parts come into play! Identifying computational and conceptual flaws seems to be the name of the game and it's important to isolate and correct those errors. This is where tutoring gets exciting for me; nothing is more rewarding than the "Ah-ha!" moments.

I like to emphasize "Learning how to learn" because I've certainly learned the hard way. Time is valuable so techniques involving proper note taking, time management, organization, preparation of tests, and study habits is crucial.

Balancing education, work, and life is the name of the game, so I try to be flexible with schedules and learning styles. I'm happy to accommodate to students' needs within reason.

Location Northridge, CA
Subjects Calculus, Algebra, SAT Math, Pre­Algebra, Pre­Calculus, Differential Equations, ACT Math, Trigonometry, Geometry
California State University, Northridge B.S. Mathematics