Jesus Javier S.

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I am a UCSC undergrad majoring in astrophysics and mathematics. I completed both AP courses back in High school and I got a 5 on all exams: Chem, Physics C Mechanics, Calculus AB and Calculus BC. I have recently completed the college level intro to physics courses and I can guide anyone on the subject of mechanics, waves or E&M, and I've also just taken my first upper division math course dealing with logic and proofs, which means that I've completed the AP calculus and vector calculus series with a great understanding of the subject. I have also taken a python course and I am now utilizing it to create data analysis programs. I've taken the AP Chem course and gotten a 5 in the exam, plus I've participated in the chem olympiad and science bowl.
Keep in mind that I'm an undergrad so I can be pretty chill with these courses just as long as we can work together. And if you're more interested on the potential of the subject then we can surely discuss more about several topics on physics and chemistry if you'd like, I'm open to any amateur nerd out there like me, especially those with a craving on nuclear or high-energy particle physics. Anyway, if you're looking for a strict, over-the-top tutor then I might not be the right candidate but if you want to get someone who can manifest the beauty and dynamics of physics and chemistry, and add some fun to the tutoring sessions, then I can be that person.

Location Los Angeles, CA
Subjects Calculus, Physics